Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting down to the Basics

 an Uplifting history lesson of the Bra(ssiere) PART I

Oh the wonderful - beautiful bosom! Women have using undergarments to assist in the perfection of their breasts by lifting, restraining and separating since around 2000BC.  The Corset-style of the time was open at the front to the waist, leaving the breasts uncovered. Back in 2500 B.C., Warrior Minoan women on the Greek isle of Crete began wearing bras resembling garments.

In the 1550s the whalebone and steel rod corsets became popular - even as women tortured themselves into wearing them.  The corset became the dominant undergarment for the next 350 years. The 15th century breasts became the focal point. Waists were cinched even tighter while bodices were stiffened with stays covered and flattened the lower part of the breast while pushing the upper portion of the breast, creating cleavage and the appearance of height and roundness.

It was not until 1853 when the "breast supporter" was first patented by Marie Tucek. The breast supporter was equipped with two  separate pockets for the breasts, with straps over the shoulders, and fastened by hook-and-eye closures at the back.

Stay tuned .. more to come on the interesting bra facts!

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  1. Barbie, this is so interesting. Cant wait for the next installment!! xoxoxo Hugs Barb